Teacher Testimonials


"Working at EF School in Daqing has been such an amazing experience.

From the day we arrived, we have been made to feel so welcome at our school and in Daqing. We arrived in winter when everything was covered in snow, it was so beautiful to see, and we were greeted at the airport by such warm, kind people from our school. After meeting the owner Truman and 2 of the other managers at the airport we were taken to our apartment.
We were absolutely blown away with how lovely our apartment was. It had everything we needed, a fully furnished lounge and bedroom. The kitchen has a fridge and a stove and an oven. They even went so far as to put some basic food items in the fridge for us and some refreshments, because we had not had time to go to the shops. I was even more taken back when I realized that they had even provided us with toothbrushes, toothpaste, and towels.
We were given a cell phone, so we could keep in touch with the school in case we needed any help. We were overwhelmed by the kind considerations and thoughtfulness that had gone into making us feel so comfortable and at ease.
We have found the staff at EF Daqing an absolute pleasure to work with and would be lost without all their assistance and guidance. The staff is always willing to help us and guide us through our lessons, but even happy to help if we need to go shopping, catch cabs, or anything we need in day to day life.
EF takes pride in developing their staff with regular training and guidance from our mentors.
We are so blessed to be in such a loving working environment and are privileged to have made so many friends. The school arranges social gatherings, and it’s great to get out together, with people that have become more than just colleagues, but also friends and a support system.
Last December the owner of our school took us all skiing and invited us into his home to show us how a traditional Chinese New Year’s is celebrated.
Daqing itself is beautiful, in winter everything is covered in snow, and all the lakes freeze and ice skating is available everywhere. The contrast in summer is remarkable, with green everywhere.