3 - 6 Years Old

Small Stars

Small Stars 

Small Stars is a developmental & language learning program for 3 to 6 year olds.

Children learn with Roddy and his animal friends in a fun and engaging way through adventures in the Small Stars World. They develop and learn language, hand-eye coordination, balance and other skills while broadening their cognitive development through engaging, interactive activities, songs and stories.

The Small Stars series involves absorbing and interactive lessons using detailed Teacher Lesson Plans. The use of a multitude of material resources and a range of activities allows teachers to suit the needs of different learning styles and keep every student actively involved.

Teachers use our own EF branded materials such as flashcards, interactive audio activities, story videos with story cards featuring the adventures of Roddy, puppets, and additional handouts to foster creativity.

Based on EF’s Efekta system, our Small Stars course provides fun language immersion to make confident learners and speakers of English. The Efekta system combines face-to-face lessons to develop and build language competence, Life Club activities to develop social confidence, and our online learning program, Practice and Play, to develop autonomy and self-confidence