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“EF English First is all about opening doors through education”


Education First was founded in 1965 by a man with a vision, Bertil Hult, who still heads the company today. His dream was to create an educational experience for students unlike any other. Focusing on language training, travel and above all, fun, Education First has since grown into a successful company with over 40,000 employees, 500 schools and offices, and locations in 107 countries. English First, a division of Education First, started in China in 1994, back when ESL was gaining traction in the Middle Kingdom after the opening up and reform policies of the 1980s. Because of our early start, we became a trendsetter of teaching English in China.


Since 1988, Education First and the Olympics have partnered together 4 times: Seoul, Beijing, Sochi, and now, Rio de Janeiro. By providing English experiences for volunteers, athletes and guests from around the world are able to enjoy their games experience in a common language.

Education First takes corporate social responsibility seriously. That’s why we created the EF Global Classroom Foundation, an umbrella for English First’s charitable activities, which have included disaster relief in the U.S., China, Haiti, Indonesia, Japan, and Nepal as well as providing funding for better educational opportunities to the underprivileged.

Founded in 2000, English First Daqing was the first franchise EF school in China. The school is located in Daqing and reflects the vibrant energy of the area. With over 1400 students, we are here to help our students make an impact on the world.

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